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Whitewater Ducky Trips

What is a Ducky? Don’t let the name fool you! A Ducky is a one-person inflatable kayak, and not a child’s toy. The Ducky puts you up close and personal to the water, allowing you to experience the rapids in an exciting and unique way. Our experienced guides will show you the way through the rapids, but you are the pilot of your own craft. This is a great first step to seeing if you’d like to pursue kayaking on your own. Ducky adventures are also a great alternative to rafting when the river water level is low, because Duckies can get through places rafts can't go. The length of the trip can vary depending on the water levels on the day of the adventure. Typically, the trip will last 3-4 hours. The first hour will be spent at the shop completing waivers, being fitted for gear, listening to a trip talk, and shuttle time. Participants must be 12 years old or older and a minimum of 50 lbs. to go on this adventure. In order for a trip to go out we must have a minimum of 4 people. Smaller groups can be paired with other groups if needed and if available.

Note: If the minimum requirement for participants is not met we will have to reschedule. 

Reservations required.

$60 per person Monday through Friday
$70 per person Saturday through Sunday

​​For all River City Adventures, Signed Waivers are required for each person in your group - originals only, no copies!

Waivers are available for download and printing on the 
Contact Us Page.

​*Booking online is not available within 3 days of the reservation date. Please call for availability if booking within that time frame.